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1. Our mission is to empower individuals for Board Exams and Competitive Exams, fostering well-rounded growth and unlocking their full potential.

2. We provide a stimulating and joyful learning which promotes student's mental, physical, emotional and cognitive development.

3. Our focus is to make children fall in love with learning so that it becomes meaningful and lifelong learning process.

4. To make a significant, positive impact in the field of coaching and the world.

5. To create and develop the target-based strategies which helps a student to achieve their career-oriented aim.



1. To empower students to build stronger concepts to make them more confident to face any academic challenges in the future.

2. To become the world's best Class 1-12, NEET, JENPAUH, JEE coaching institute by creating an excellent competitive environment for students.

3. To provide the best possible education to the ambitious students, who are striving hard to achieve success in Olympiads, NSTSE, SPELL BEE, Board Exams, NEET, JEE, JENPAUH etc.

4. To maintain life balance & professional excellence.

5. To train our students in different aspects (like YOGA, Table Manners etc.) rather than academics.

About Us


Sukanya classes teaches the way students learn. Our seasoned and highly professional team of experienced teachers builds the foundation of our organization as well as future of our students.

Our unique teaching methodology and learning through various modern tools not only gives confidence to students on academic front, we believe in instilling key skills such as communication, personality development etc.

Our students always shine in the real world with the values we teach.
We strive to provide our students a better prosperous future.

Proper Attention
Innovative Methods
Rigorous Approach

Maximum 10 students per class. We believe every kid has their own learning curve and needs personalized teaching to help them succeed academically

MIT Research suggests, personal attention promises best results

At Sukanya Classes, we focus on Tutoring which helps in improving student processing of conventional instruction.
It is a method of enhancing the prerequisite feedback-corrective process where:
1. The teacher reteaches the items that the majority of students have missed and small groups of students help each other over items that have been missed.
2. The interaction between some students and teachers serve as an encouragement for a more active participation for other students as well. Children become more interactive thereby improving the overall learning level of the classroom.

Our pedagogy is unique and in-house developed. We use the proper framework which motivates every child to participate in the class

At Sukanya Classes, we work hard with the child to achieve good results and help achieve success

1. Friendly Class Environment

2. Revision at the end of each class

3. Surprise Test on a Regular Basis

4. Monthly Parent Teacher Meeting

5. Comprehensive Study Material

6. Personalized Doubt Clearing Sessions






Experienced Faculty


We believe in Excellence through Hardwork and Smartness

Students have shown improvement
in School performance

Students have started devoting
more time to self-study

Parents are really happy
with the teaching style


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